We have become the leading OOH specialists in Latin America by transforming Out-of-Home media through technology and maximizing customer results.

Our goal is to take your brand where the consumer is. With BI tools that help us create media plans faster and more assertively, we use data in your favor, always looking for solutions that add value to the business. Currently, OOH is a media with one of the greatest presences in the investment scenario, so we need to maintain a high level of service to continue in the pipeline of CMOs and MarCons.


We know how to help you find the right consumer, working in partnership with our Market Intelligence and customer service teams. We understand the daily journey and direct the message by considering times and places most likely to impact you, always using data and our human touch. Currently, we have 100% of Brazilian inventory mapped, with daily updates to our data lake.

OOH is one of the most successful media among consumers today because it is so present in their daily journey. That’s why we created AlterLabs, one of the companies in Grupo A, where we develop special projects and transform campaigns into immersive and engaging experiences, allowing OOH to be ever more present and fixed in people’s memory.

We access the OOH media inventory from Brazil and the rest of the world, from the huge circuits and static or digital market opportunities to the most specific ones, with hundreds of suppliers and thousands of assets and formats. Due to years of extensive data collection, we know the fair price for each media format in each region, always in transparent negotiations while working to achieve that price for our customers.

Taking ideas off paper and putting them into the real world is for a few. And we know this reality very well. We have a team focused on bringing the best practices in the market to put any special Out-of-Home project on its feet.

We offer consistent production, finalization, and follow-up structure in every market, completely customer-oriented, and that turns complex campaigns into a uniform and uncomplicated service. We have the logistical and technical capacity to be in any location, conducting face-to-face inspections and ensuring that the campaign has achieved the objectives proposed in the planning.

Know which OOH media worked best and why by quantifying insights about exposure, foot traffic, creative effectiveness, and audience demographics. We use metrics that, until recently, were exclusive to online advertising and are now part of our media ecosystem.



Altermark has a 100% dedicated division to data intelligence for Out-of-Home, which uses socio-demographic information, inventory, market behavior, and consumer journey.

With a team of specialists in the subject, we use the latest technologies like geolocation, retargeting, and audience tools, always crossing data with a proprietary data lake with hundreds of thousands of OOH points recorded and updated.



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